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College Bound Students
Sophmore Year
Junior Year
Senior Year

What you should be doing!

If you are interested in playing at the college level, this site includes checklists of what you should be doing.  Don't worry if you don't start in your sophmore can always catch up. But your junior year is very important!!

The suggestions provided here are taken literally from The Sport Source, 2000 Soccer Official Athletic College Guide, by Charlie Kadupski.  A 2002 version can be purchased from (see Links). 

Don't be afraid to contact the coaches from the schools you are interested in.  NCAA rules do not prevent you from contacting them as often as you like.  Put a video tape together -- not just highlights, but a few minutes from various games.  Video tapes should include an introduction of yourself, who you are, what your interested major is, etc.  Video tapes should not exceed 15 minutes or so.  If you get no response from college coaches, you can always inquire as to when tryouts are being held so you can be a "walk-on."

Remember to also register with the NCAA Clearinghouse.  Forms can be obtained from the high school counselor's office. 

We hope that the information contained here will be of help and will get you started on the road to playing college soccer.  We have not included information for junior colleges here -- simply contact the coaches and find out about try-outs.



Scholarship Information


Check out the website of the college you are interested in.  Typically they include "Recruit Information" and Financial Aid.

Also, check out the summer soccer camps at the college of your choice.  Sign up -- it's a good way for the coach to get to know you personally and find out if he is interested in you.  Be bold!  Go for it!

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