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College Bound Students
Sophmore Year


Sophmore Year
Junior Year
Senior Year

What you should be doing...or at least...thinking about.

July, August & September

  • Student meeting with counselor
  • Set academic plan for Junior Year
  • Check with counselor for PSAT & PACT registration deadlines
  • Obtain current Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete from NCAA
  • Complete a practice admission application
  • Set up files -- begin to assemble college information

October, November & December

  • Parent and student meeting with counselor
  • Check with counselor for PSAT & PACT test dates
  • Use academic and CPN to write for admissions information on wide range of schools
  • Review progress with parents
  • Attend College Night at high school
  • Begin to identify 7-10 college programs

January, February & March

  • Review material in college file
  • Continue requesting information
  • Review progress with parents
  • Become familiar with financial aid publications from counselors
  • Update list of potential colleges

April, May & June

  • Parent/Student meet with counselor to review goals/progress/interest
  • Review progress with parents
  • Begin a college contact list
  • Review academic programs
  • Plan next year's academic program
  • Begin investigating sources for financial aid
  • Continue to update list of potential colleges

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